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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  March 24, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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hard not picking him up every day. >> relatives, classmates, and teachers shared rememberances of marcus johnson killed last week in a freak race car accident in which his cousin accidentally killed him. he was filled with things he loved, his racing gear, he won't championships himself and he was a stand out athlete, but always friendly, willing to help others and quick with a hug. >> middle school, you are in high school and it is okay and wave goodbye. don't worry about showing your affection to your parents, you just never know when it will be your last, i hope you think about that. >> marcus was very close to his cousin chase who was also an accomplished racer who said the
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steering wheel went out of function and lost control. he lost his life in the pitt also but there was no mention how marcus died. just a few hours of that he died and his generous spirit of how he lived. ktvu channel 2 news. developing news in the south bay, just a half hour ago an evacuation was lifted as they capped a natural gas leak. the leak was reported near south park victoria drive. the gas was turned off just before 4:00 and residents were let back in their homes and pg&e has not said what caused that leak. the bay area has lost another soldier serving in afghanistan. he died from injuries he suffered during an attack. tell us what military officials
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are saying about this accident, allie? >> reporter: james griffin graduated from the high school here back in 1999 but he spent the last few years serving five tours of duty. they said griffin was injured by small arms fire in afghanistan. military officials said griffin died of his injuries this past thursday at a u.s. military off the in jeremy. they have posthumously given him the star. he is survived by his parents wife analysis and today we reached out to some members of his extended family but they have politely declined to comment. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. investigators are still trying to learn the motive
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behind that murder/suicide that killed two people from the bay area. on thursday, the sergeant lopez of pacifica shot and killed sarah castro of oakly and another marine before turning the gun on himself. a friend of the castro was shocked by the news. >> i just miss her so much like when i found out about this, i couldn't believe it. she had been my best friend since the 6th grade. i wish it was not her. she was just an innocent girl and all she was doing was serving her country. >> the killing was the result of a love triangle and they have not released an official motive. >> the third person involved in that deadly shooting was corporal jacob woolly and woolly was also a candidate in wantco.
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friends say he was just a few months away from returning home. they are investigating a deadly accident on eastbound 580 in san leandro just before 12:30 this morning. a man got out of the stopped car and ran across the freeway when the driver tried to avoid the man but he ended up hitting him and he died there at the scene. there is no word on the man's identity and we don't know what prompted him to run across the freeway. that is the sound of a high- speed chase early this morning on highway 101 and it all started 101 in san mateo. officers spotted a suspected stolen vehicle. witnesses said the chase reached speeds of 100 miles per hour. the suspect eventually stopped the car and started running. police arrested a man an
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innocent man and they identified him as page of san francisco. he faces a series of drug charges as well as a vehicle pursuit. they caught the group spraying graffiti on land hadn't street south of market. they found several bags and backpacks filled with spray paint and 11 people were all taken into custody and officers say they are all likely to face felony charges. many are camping out waiting in line for a seat for this week's moral arguments discussing same-sex marriages and they are hear more on the voter approved ban known as proposition 8 and justices will hear arguments about the federal defensive act which defines marriage only between a man and woman. and we will hear on more
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arriving on the opinion and we get more coverage from christina wells. >> reporter: centered in this debate whether marriage should be considered a gov. -- government issue. >> there are certain things that should not be put up for a vote and gay people and like nongay people deserve to build a life and have dreams of having a family. >> reporter: outlawing same-sex marriage or domier defines marriage as between a man and woman. he believes in traditional marriage but not the same sex marriages. the majority supports same sex
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marriages but some say it is more important to read the constitution. >> i am against a ban on same- sex marriages because they are simply unconstitutional. >> christina ktvu channel 2 news. and the berkeley couple plan on getting married this june. christian perry have been together 13 years and have raised four boys. it has been hurry up and wait. the other place of in the proposition case. >> we need you to stay right here for our continuing coverage and stevenson is on our way and he will be at the supreme court for tuesday's oral arguments. then on tuesday join us for a special report and that's happening at 6:30 on the proposition 8 case and we will gauge reaction from washington d.c. right here to the bay
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area. good afternoon, we are looking at mild weather and temperatures are ranging in the upper 60s to lower 70s in some cases and we do have a cooling trend and i expect we will continue through the workweek ahead and eventually we'll see a little bit of rain. now the models are having a little bit of a hard time agreeing when it will come but i do expecting we'll see at least a little bit to tip the bucket. 63 degrees in napa 63 in red wood city and 64 in oakland as well as an jobbing -- antioch. this is the strongest i have seen this breeze in a few days. tomorrow we will wake up with
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morning low clouds and the on shore breeze will continue and cooler air will be pooling in, in time for monday. this system here 655 miles off the coastline is not going to bring us any rain but it will bring us a ridge of high pressure through the weekend. as we get through tomorrow, this ridge shifting off to the east, the system that will move closer to the coast is not going to bring us any rain but again will kick up the sea breeze and will bring back the high clouds in the forecast and a cooler week ahead. temperatures for tomorrow afternoon are cooler than what we had today and the trend will continue as we get into tuesday and wednesday. here is the forecast model, a few clouds are hanging off the coastline and they will be hanging back as we get into tonight and tomorrow morning and we will wake up with low clouds and high country will continue for the afternoon. i will back it up and it is now continuing through the afternoon and we have a thick
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batch of clouds so tuesday this is a second system that will drop in. we will remain dry for tuesday, we may see a few sprinkles and notice, it is not a lot. it will not bring us any amounts we need but it could bring damp dreary weather. we could continue to cool off and tomorrow we'll see temperatures tomorrow cooling as well. i will have your extended forecast coming up in just a bit. postal workers are fighting to keep saturday deliveries and why they say there are other ways to cut back. also pope frances is celebrating as the pope. and they fight back after last night's win against cal.
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. pope frances celebrated his first day at mass. he waved to an overflowing crowd at st. peter's square. he stopped a few times and kissed some babies. an estimated 250,000 people gathered at the square for today's service. here thousands gathered to celebrate palm sunday and st. mary's church celebrated as well. according to the scripture, it marks the beginning of the holiest week in the christian calendar culminating with sunday. coming up at 5:30 why local retail expectations are not
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phasing business owners. >> they seem to have arrived and potential burglars will knock on the front doors to see if people are home and they will ask to see if somebody lives at the home. if nobody answers the burglars break in and they recommend calling 911 if they recommend acting suspicious. saturday's mail is now in doubt. ann rubin joins us with the campaign launch by some postal workers. >> they say the cuts are necessary to stay afloat but they believe there must be a better way. >> we need saturday delivery... >> reporter: today they were not delivering mail, these letter carriers were delivering
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messages. >> we need six day delivery... >> reporter: already the cash strapped postal services are calling for cutting back and now this... >> a lot of us are concerned and we don't know what will happen but we would like a solution. >> reporter: they believe in better options and the way health benefits are funned. -- funded. that is why they are here. they want us to contact congress. >> we want to make sure you let congress know to make sensible reasonable changes. >> reporter: delivering saturday delivery is reasonable saving $2 billion. the post master general addressed the topic this week. >> we want to see the mail and you can't sit back and do nothing. >> we want to make sure they are delivered and make sure they deliver their mail on saturdays. >> of course letter carriers
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are hoping they will not want to give it up so bay area residents are divided. >> i feel i will go through it. >> there is some debate over weather a congressional decision requires all saturday service or just some. the postal service already plans to continue package delivery and the spokesperson said the planning will be letter service come august. i am ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the city of stockton goes to court and if they find they have done everything possible to pay its debts, they will become the largest to go bankrupt. they plan to say that the city has not done enough to cut spending but stockton faces another million dollar shortfall on july 1st. two men died in a sky
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diving accident and in zephyr hills, the men did not deploy their parachutes. the student and teacher were jumping separately and the backup parachutes did not have enough time to deflate. this do this every year with sky diving. they went up in flames last night while he was on the court in san jose and the third round of the ncaa tournament. michael carter williams' family was watching the game in the family home north of boston. nobody was hurt and investigators believe the fire started in a wood stove outside. later williams used twitter to update everybody and thanked everybody for prayers and said all that is important is that my family is okay. take a look at this, a
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couple rescued from a car on top of a roof. coming up, we will explain how it got there. >> plus, we have a winner, winning powerball ticket and where the winning ticket was sold, stay tuned.
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. los angeles couple had to be rescued with a ladder after they ended up on their roof.
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he was pulling out of his car and the car went airborne and landed on his roof. they are on a steep curvy hillside and they had to lift it off the roof, nobody was hurt. he was thrown from a car on busy downtown freeway. the man was thrown out of the vehicle in the fast lane yesterday evening. they don't know if he was shot inside the car or somewhere else. they are now searching forget away vehicle and they are trying to figure out if the shooting was gang related. john kerry made a surprise visit to help end the fighting in syria. they are asking them to stop flying planes to syria and right now they are only carrying humanitarian aid. he is urging leaders to
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overcome differences and the recent uptake in violence. >> we all want to see iraq succeed and such an enormous treasure of our people, and our money in this initiative is involved. >> the iraq wall killed 190,000 people and 70% of u.s. members cost 2.2 trillion dollars. they debated as last minute negotiations were underway trying to hammer out a bailout agreement. it would have is taken almost 7% from small savers and 10% from larger investors and they are trying to save so they can
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qualify for the rescue loan package in other countries. hundreds took to the treats and they are recalling gees' entry to jerusalem. one man that took part said this week is an important time to creating a world of peace and love. palm sunday marks the end on easter. >> where is out there is holding powerball worth $338 million and so far nobody is talking. there was one ticket which matched all the winning numbers and the chance of matching all the numbers is about 1,175,000,000. they can choose to be paid out over one lump some cash payment and 42 states along with the
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u.s. virgin islands and california will join in next month. still to come, the search for a man who opened fire on a deputy in monterey, plus... >> and we will explain why reason experts say it is not a luxury year for the easter bunny, next. >> this is about wanting to be safe. >> the debate over gun control hits up and congress will change its mind about background checks. thousands hit the streets for the oakland running festival. plus the new ipad app is ready for you to download plus get video of breaking news any time anywhere.
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m, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪
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nom, nom, nom. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪
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. a bicyclist was struck and killed in a hit-and-run in oakland. it happened at 2:00 p.m. and he was riding when he was hit. the victim died at the scene and officers are hoping debris will help lead them to the suspect's vehicle. the coroner has been killed on sunole. 46-year-old todd sure of haywood crossed the double yellow lines and went into a car. the driver and three other passengers had minor injuries but todd died at the scene.
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the crash happened at 7:50 p.m. at boston court. when officers arrived they found the man suffering from major injuries. they found the victim named harder of santa rosa. there is no word on his condition and the driver is cooperating with investigators. it may not have the financial clout of christmas but they are counting on easter sales to boost their bottom line. here is this year's outlook. jade? >> reporter: sales are affected when customers done buy or -- don't buy or are not buying as much. it is hard to miss the chocolates here. yesterday's business was extremely busy. >> it was up quite a bit from the year before and we were just happy to have enough
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bunnies and carrots an eggs for everybody. >> reporter: easter shoppers will spend about an average of $20 on candy and chocolate. the average person spending for easter will lay down $145 and 13 cents. that is 15 cents less than last year but that does not seem to be a facing his business. >> this is not the average store so i don't go by what everybody else is doing. i concentrate on providing a unique collection. >> reporter: it starts the usual up particular in sales. we have had a lot of people stopping and asking about things. >> reporter: but they will not be able to tell if sales are up or down from last year
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